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Unable to login (up to version 4.7)

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In case you unable to login after docker image upgrade, try removing the user via the cli

  1. Enter to the docker image cli and issue following commands
docker exec -ti $(docker ps| awk '{print $1}'|grep -v CON) bash
mysql -upvault -ppvault pvault
delete from users;
  1. Skip line one if you use docker dashboard to access the image (windows env)

  2. Navigate back to the PV ui

This will force PV to ask you to create a new user


If you running many docker containers the first line may not pickup the right one so you may need to get its id manually

docker ps

This will give you the right id for the PV container, then you can use it to enter to the container

docker exec -ti <THE ID FROM THE DOCKER PS> bash
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