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Importing ingredients CSV

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You can import your ingredients CSV directly to the PV App from the Ingredients section.

The file format should be comma (,) separated. Please use excel (or equivalent) and export as CSV.

Its very important to remove any additional commas or double quotes

Once your file is uploaded you will get a preview of how your data will look like and if you happy with the result you can confirm import.

Once you confirm import, your ingredients, categories and suppliers will be automatically update.

Please make sure you have taken a backup before.

CSV format:



2-Decalinol,825-51-4,AC,Aldehydes,Heart,10,6.2,100.0,Clean rose minty muguet
2-IsoButyl Quinoline,93-19-6,AC,Leather,Base,2,2.5,100.0,Animal leather woody rooty oakmoss tobacco

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